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Take Control of Your Health Today With Our Consumer DNA Health Tests

DNA testing has historically been associated with forensics, ancestry and paternity testing. However, more recently, consumer DNA health tests have also offered a way to highlight genetic physical and mental health tendencies. This input helps guide a more proactive and healthier lifestyle for increased longevity and enhanced wellness.

At Brain Labs Biotech, we offer state of the art DNA health testing in Australia and cutting-edge analytics for reliable health insights.

Discover Our Range of DNA Health Test Kits

We provide several test packs depending on how detailed an analysis you require. Choose from:

  • The Starter: Our Starter kit is perfect for dipping your toe in the water, providing essential and valuable feedback on several common concerns. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of thousands of bits of your genetic information based on your easy-to-collect sample. Our report highlights potential vulnerabilities with targeted feedback on how to maximise your wellness in the future. Your starter analysis includes insights on general health, allergies, food sensitivities, personalised vitamin and mineral needs, and a bonus report on COVID 19.
  • The Ultimate Pro: Our one of a kind ULTIMATE kit provides everything you need to know and more based on hundreds of thousands of genetic ‘strips’. This exceptional product offers the industry’s most comprehensive consumer analysis, with over 150 reports focusing on all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing. Beyond the benefits our other kits offer, this pack looks at your tendency for a host of additional health concerns and conditions, including a cognitive and longevity analysis.
    In addition, any new reports added to our library are available to you for free within 12 months of your pack purchase. You will also have access to our upcoming Ancestry Programme. Finally, to show our appreciation, we will donate an amount to ygap’s Polished Man Campaign on your behalf, an initiative to take a stand against violence towards children.
  • The Lady Pro: While general feedback is informative, we understand that males and females differ genetically with a range of distinct and separate health concerns. So, to help health-conscious women optimise their health, we’ve designed a home pack, especially for ladies. This kit provides all the insights offered in our starter kit plus feedback on concerns such as DNA diet testing, weight and fat loss, exercise and muscle gain potential, fertility, mood, fatigue, and shoulder and neck pain. The test also analyses your vulnerability to joint and gut inflammation, urinary tract infections, PCOS, cholesterol and blood sugar issues, and thyroid, kidney, heart and bone problems.
  • The Man Pro: Men, too, face some gender-specific health challenges. Our kit covers the basics plus significant additional feedback. Find out more about your weight and exercise potential and requirements, back, shoulder and neck pain, fatigue, mood, gout, and blood sugar and cholesterol issues. The report also addresses possible concerns around your thyroid, urinary, kidney, heart, bone, joint and gut health, and sexual function.

Choose our ULTIMATE pack for thorough health analysis. Otherwise, consider one or more of our add-on health reports to round out your understanding.

Explore Our Range of DNA Health Reports

Each DNA health testing kit comes with reports based on your genetic profile. However, as you work through your feedback, you may find you’re curious about other, additional elements of your genetics and health not covered by that selection. So, to quest your thirst for insight, we offer numerous add-on reports for sale.

  • How do they work? These easy-to-understand reports revisit your analysis, linking and assessing your individual variations to data from thousands of surveys to understand the impact and provide tailored assessments and suggestions.
  • What reports are available? Choose from over 30 reports on concerns ranging from sleep to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Add an acne, anxiety overview or our DNA diet report to your analysis or find out more about enhancing your longevity.
  • How much do they cost? Our add-on reports range in cost depending on the extent of analysis required. For example, our fees are AUS$49.00 for our Asthma report to AUS$119.00 for our Cognitive report. However, check back often to take advantage of our regular sales prices for selected analyses.

While finding out more about yourself can be fun, relying on our kits and reports goes beyond curiosity. Your health is your greatest gift and deserves appropriate attention. So why not see how one of our DNA analysis kits can help safeguard your wellbeing?

More About Brain Labs Biotech

Instead of relying on international home DNA health testing services, as an Australian-owned and run business, we offer you the comfort and cost-efficiencies of a locally-based professional operation. In addition, for your peace of mind, our next-generation, value-for-money sequencing provides complete privacy and proven high accuracy.

So, take control and unlock your body’s own health recommendations today. Place your order now or contact us for more information