DNA Test Kit

Gain Ultimate Self-Awareness with Our DNA Test Kit

If you’re interested in body health and lifestyle, and how it keeps you healthy, we offer a DNA Test Kit that will give you insight into enhancing your wellbeing. Although our tests are technologically advanced, they are easy to use and give you the unique opportunity to gain a clear and deep understanding of how your body works at a cellular level.

Why You Should take an interest in Your DNA

Short for deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA resembles a double helix and gives your body instructions on making proteins. They are biological building blocks, and although all DNA is made from sugars, phosphate groups, and nitrogen bases, the way they are coded is unique to you. Therefore, knowing your genetic makeup empowers you to take personalised control of your health instead of relying on marketing claims. These are some of the other benefits of gaining insight with our DNA testing:

  • Address pre-existing issues. Suppose you suffer from headaches, migraines, or brain fog and have challenges with learning and processing your thoughts. In that case, your DNA analysis report will identify potential causes and provide personalised advice on managing these. Among others, our test can also assist those with PTSD, shoulder, neck, and back pain, fatigue, and insomnia.
  • Prevent DNA damage. Several environmental, physical, and chemical agents can damage your DNA, such as UV and other types of radiation, toxins, and viruses. Our DNA testing kit can reveal the extent of this damage so that you can better manage your health to prevent disease. For example, your report will include how you can optimise your liver’s ability to process food nutrients, regulate metabolism and remove toxins.
  • Slow down aging. DNA testing gives you the chance to identify your susceptibility to ailments that may deteriorate over time, such as cardiovascular conditions, to maintain your heart health.

Tune In to Your Body With Our DNA At-Home Test Kits

Our non-invasive DNA testing kits come in the following health and wellness packs:

  • The Ultimate Pro: This test analyses a multitude of your genetic information to generate over 150 reports regarding your body and mind, such as food sensitivities, asthma, eczema, mood, and depression.
    It will also analyse the functioning of your thyroid, responsible for strengthening your immune response, and how healthy your gut is to determine why your body is inclined to inflammation which may lead to chronic pain. This pack also includes your genetic risk of viral infection.
  • The Lady Pro: When you buy this DNA test kit that requires a simple saliva sample to provide a complete analysis of weight, diet and fat loss requirements, fertility, reasons for your mood swings, why you’re prone to urinary tract infections, to name a few.
  • The Man Pro: This test examines and determines large numbers of your genetic information to give you insight into what you need to gain muscle, improve your sexual function, and achieve better bone and joint health. This test can also give you a better understanding of your need to manage cholesterol, an excess of which can cause oxidative stress that causes DNA damage.

You also have the option of add-on reports such as acid reflux, ACNE, ADHA/ attention, allergies, and anxiety so that you can explore ways to alleviate these conditions based on your genes.

Strive for Longevity With Our DNA Test Kit From Australia

Besides offering accurate and scientifically backed test results, our product provides the following:

  • Comprehensive results. Our tests examine over 900 000 SNP’s (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) and thirty-five million variants that pinpoint our susceptibility to various diseases, their severity should you contract them, and how your body is likely to respond to treatments.
  • Personalised health: When you purchase our DNA test kit online, you can look forward to a DNA wellness report after an analysis has been done on your sample accompanied by gene-targeted health tips and personalised supplement advice for your wellbeing.
  • Easy-to-understand reports. The risk assessments and health suggestions you receive are from your genetic data compared with information from a range of scientific studies. The report lists your genetic variations with their reported impact, and we guide you on how to use this information to improve your health.
  • Affordability: We have made the technology used in our kits accessible to all by providing value for money. On average, DNA tests cost $4000, which often excludes the consultation cost, which could cost anywhere between $500 to $2000. Our tests start at $199, and after you’ve bought the Ultimate Pro pack, you can add reports to your library free of charge for 12 months after your purchase.

Why Brain Labs Biotech

We are Australian-owned and operated and comply will all the privacy regulations where the security of your data comes first, and we will not share your data with any third party. We are also members of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health and are committed to ethical, equitable, and inclusive research.

We also have a history of satisfied customers who have used our DNA Analysis Kit, commending us on our professionalism and highly recommending our products. So, contact us for DNA test kits online that will open the door to your inner workings so that you can steer your body towards optimum health.