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Unlock Your Personalised Brain Labs DNA Wellness Reports

Get easy-to-understand risk assessments and health suggestions based on an analysis of over a million snips of your genome. Our reports;

  • analyse up to 35 million variants of your genetic code
  • compare your genetic data with information from tens of thousands of scientific studies.
  • list your relevant genetic variations and their reported impact
  • summarise your estimated risk for a large variety of traits
  • provide personalised supplement advice
  • show you how to best utilise this knowledge to improve and optimise your life

Your health is THE most important part of your life. A healthy person lives longer, better and will excel in all aspects of their life. TAKE CONTROL

Are you getting the supplements you actually need?

Instead of relying on marketing claims, you need to figure out which supplements are worth your time and which are a waste of money.

Here’s the truth: you should take specific supplements based on your specific DNA analysis results and health goals. A 60-year-old with aching joints has different needs than a 30-year-old who can’t fall asleep; recommending the same supplements to them is wasteful and senseless!

DNA Test

How Taking a DNA Test Can Help you Monitor Your Well-Being

Your DNA contains the genetic code that controls the growth, function, and reproduction of every cell in your body. Your DNA is arranged as a unique combination of genes that dictate the external and internal workings of your body and mind. Taking a DNA test to analyse your genome may help you gain insight into the thousands of genes that do not manifest themselves in your physical attributes.

Brain Labs Biotech offers highly accurate DNA test kits across Australia. Our at-home DNA tests provide you with a convenient way to gain insight into your genetic makeup and how your genes affect your traits and lifestyle.

What Health Insights Can a DNA Analysis Offer?

DNA testing offers insight into the details of the unique genetic code that controls how your body synthesises proteins. These proteins develop into essential body structures such as muscle, bone, organs, and the nervous, circulatory and immune systems. Taking a DNA test can reveal how every part of your body functions and may offer insight into the following areas:

  • Risk of hereditary diseases. DNA is hereditary, and many of your inherited genes do not express themselves as physical features. You may possess gene combinations linked to conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Celiac disease, or sickle-cell anaemia without developing the disease yourself. Taking a DNA test can provide insight into your family’s genetic predisposition to developing specific illnesses.
  • Mental health mapping. A DNA test can analyse your genome for genes connected to mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. The genes that control your sleeping patterns, focus, moods, sociability, and habit-forming behaviours may all contribute to the state of your mental health. Understanding these patterns may help you make more informed lifestyle choices that support healthy brain functioning.
  • Immune system strength. Scientific studies have shown that genes influence many human immune traits. A DNA test may reveal the genetic makeup of your immune cells that protect your body against infection. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies may also affect the functioning of the immune system. Taking a DNA test can help you understand how your body processes micro-nutrients and your personalised supplement requirements.
  • Unique dietary and fitness needs. Your DNA dictates how your body metabolises nutrients and uses energy. Many DNA analyses offer insight into your predisposition for developing food sensitivities, high blood sugar, and cholesterol build-up. Your DNA also plays a role in your genetic capability to burn fat, lose weight, and build muscle, and understanding this aspect of your genetics may help you improve your fitness approach.
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Brain Labs Biotech is a Leading Provider of DNA Analysis in Australia

Brain Labs Biotech has spent years developing reliable DNA tests across Australia. When you buy our DNA tests, you are investing in your health – every DNA report we offer detects carefully chosen gene sequences in the human genome to provide targeted reporting and accurate results.

We value transparency, and our privacy policy complies with all Australian privacy laws and best practice guidelines.

We are passionate about helping you learn more about your genetic composition through an enjoyable and informative experience. We strive to make our reports easy to understand, and our professional team will gladly answer your questions and hear your concerns. Contact us for more information.