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  • Would you like to know your body better & make changes according to your genetic requirements?
  • Would you like to improve and optimise your lifestyle?
  • Would you like to know what health conditions you may be susceptible to?
  • Are you worried about something hereditary?

Hundreds of reports are available into every aspect of your Health & Wellness. What are you waiting for?

  • Non-invasive saliva testing
  • Over 400 available easy-to-read & understand reports
  • Recommendations that match your genetic needs
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Privacy-focused


Unlock Your Personalised Brain Labs DNA Wellness Reports

Get easy-to-understand risk assessments and health suggestions based on an analysis of over a million snips of your genome. Our reports;

  • analyse up to 35 million variants of your genetic code
  • compare your genetic data with information from tens of thousands of scientific studies.
  • list your relevant genetic variations and their reported impact
  • summarise your estimated risk for a large variety of traits
  • provide personalised supplement advice
  • show you how to best utilise this knowledge to improve and optimise your life

Your health is THE most important part of your life. A healthy person lives longer, better and will excel in all aspects of their life. TAKE CONTROL

Thru a simple DNA Analysis, we can provide you with personalised reports into:

General Wellness

An overview of your General Wellness according to your personal genetic make-up

Vitamin & minerals

Probably your most important report. Make informed decisions about your supplemental requirements based on your genetic dispositions and stop wasting money

INCLUDED with all our DNA Analysis Kit and Reports;

– General Wellness Report
– Vitamin & Mineral Report.

-All other reports can be ordered at any time.-

Diet & fat loss

Shows how your eating behaviours and weight management goals are affected by your genetic makeup and personal goals/preferences

Immune system

Learn how to super charge this complex network of cells and proteins that defends your body against infection according to your DNA

Stress & anxiety

Get rid of your stress at the genetic level with your personalised recommendations in this report. Discover natural ways to alleviate and prevent stress and anziety based on your genes


Answering your most ‘burning’ questions and giving you suggestions based on your unique genetic makeup to help you combat your inflammation

Healthy aging & longevity

Learn how to slow your age decline using your insights from your genetic variants.

Muscle gain & Exercise performance

Insight into your genetic code and how to optimise muscle gain and/or exercise performance

Cardiovascular health

Receive insights into how to cultivate a healthy heart according to your DNA. Learn about genetic links to any relevant cardiovascular conditions


A comprehensive look at your DNA and how to optimise your supplements and lifestyle to survive the stresses of shift work

Joint health

Insights into your personal needs to maintain and improve on your joint health

Memory & focus

Learn how to address your brain fog, focus, and cognitive function using gene-based recommendations. This is a complete overview of how your genes affect your personal memory, learning, and brain processing power

Mood & depression

A full profile showing genetic associations of mood and cognition according to your DNA variants. Learning, memory, sleep, anxiety and depression are covered.

Skin, hair & nails

Make the most of your specific DNA variants to get your glow on.

Liver health

Learn how your genes affect your livers ability to process food nutrients, regulate metabolism and remove toxins; and how you can optimise its function.


Being the most studied gene in nutrigenomics this is an exciting one, and we do a deep dive into the MTHFR gene and associated SNP’s


Depending on your ApoE variant you may suffer from chronic inflammation and/or ‘brain fog’. Learn about your ApoE genotype and get recommendations about supplements and lifestyle based on this


The COMT gene has significant effects on your mood, cognition, and more. Get recommendations to improve your COMT function


Get recommendations to improve this gene’s function


An in-depth look at your Blood Sugar related genes

Gut health

An unhealthy gut can cause chaos throughout your whole body. Our report shows how your genes impact your gut health and susceptibility to inflammation and accompanying conditions such as IBS, celiac disease, and many more


Certain genetic variants can put you at risk for an impaired immune system and autoimmune conditions like hypothyroidism, graves disease, and hashimotos. Our report gives you the information you need to make decisions improving your thyroid health and strengthen your immune response

The goal for all Brain Labs reports is to empower you to make wiser decisions regarding your health and well-being.

  • Gain an edge in understanding your genes.
  • We cover and take into account all relevant genes for interpretation and recommendations, not just the most popular ones.
  • You will receive advanced genetic information and interpretation that are not yet available in medical practices.
  • Our reports are prepared in a way that is easy to understand, with no need for an extensive science background.
  • We are far more affordable than any other genetic testing available in Australasia.
  • Focused on risks, disease prevention, and education, rather than diagnosis.
  • Australian-owned and managed company following all privacy regulations, laws, and codes of practice.

Are you getting the supplements you actually need?

Instead of relying on marketing claims, you need to figure out which supplements are worth your time and which are a waste of money.

Here’s the truth: you should take specific supplements based on your specific DNA analysis results and health goals. A 60-year-old with aching joints has different needs than a 30-year-old who can’t fall asleep; recommending the same supplements to them is wasteful and senseless!