Genetic DNA Testing

Optimise Your Future Wellbeing With Our State-of-the-Art Genetic DNA Testing

Ongoing scientific and technological advances bring increasingly convenient ways to understand our health and diagnose conditions. Among these novel approaches to increased insight and preventative healthcare are the development and cutting-edge application of existing technology for genetic DNA testing.

Identifying individual health and immunity risks before the onset of disease due to unsuitable lifestyle choices and advising on how best to enhance wellbeing, protect your health and promote longevity is now possible based on your distinct genetic profile.

How Can You Benefit From Genetic DNA Testing in Australia?

The advantages of science-based consumer genetic DNA testing, sequencing and analysis include confidential, detailed and personalised information about your health traits. It can provide a unique genetic wellness map highlighting:

  • Potential health concerns: Genetic DNA testing can help identify your predisposition to suffer from common physical problems such as lactose intolerance, headaches, weight gain, allergies and food sensitivities, premature aging and longevity. In addition, it can highlight psychological vulnerabilities, such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Comprehensive results can also provide insight into your specific nutrient, exercise and sleep requirements.
  • Your specific disease risk: While analysis won’t be a definitive answer about if you will develop a condition, it can indicate whether you have an increased risk for that ailment based on your genetic profile. Crucially, it’s vital to remember that test results are not deterministic. Our genetics alone do not dictate our health; instead, our lifestyle choices and environment contribute significantly to gene expression and our ultimate wellbeing. Hence, your genetic DNA results are not a cause for concern. Instead, they are an excellent reason to consult your medical professional about cautionary measures and change any unhealthy behaviours that may contribute to illness.
  • Customised healthcare guidance: Your genetic test kit results are usually only part of your package. You’ll also receive detailed reports suggesting proactive lifestyle changes and advice and recommendations for supplementary healthcare to maximise your wellbeing.

This type of ground-breaking testing is non-invasive, more affordable than healthcare provided testing (usually used to confirm diagnoses), and easy to perform without a long wait for results. In addition, with your permission, your information also benefits others by being entered into a database for additional population research, analysis and insight.

What Sets Brain Labs Biotech Apart Regarding Our Genetic DNA Testing Kit Services?

We are Australian owned and run, so you can count on receiving authentic service, reputable and reliable products, next-generation analysis, and informed advice. We offer:

  • A range of DNA analysis kits: Our selection of ‘ready-made’ genetic test kits offering individualised feedback includes: The STARTER pack, the ULTIMATE PRO pack, or the LADY or MAN PRO packs. Start by understanding your vitamin and mineral needs, your potential for allergies and food sensitivities, and your general wellness, then advance feedback on hundreds of conditions & concerns. Our ladies and men’s options provide outcomes on a wide range of shared and gender-specific issues, including personalised diet, weight, exercise, and fitness pointers.
  • Strict quality controls: We comply with stringent Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Management (QM) systems, including being certified in quality management, analytical excellence, conducting non-clinical safety studies and providing pharmacogenomic services for clinical studies.
  • A proactive and ethical commitment: Our team of professionals believes that prevention is better than cure and that resources can better be utilised on tailored outcomes. We are also dedicated to ensuring inclusive and equitable research and product development that benefits everyone.

Our genetic DNA testing kits are simple to use and submit, and our feedback is easy to read and understand.

Choose Brain Labs Biotech for Reliable, Accurate Results

Everyone is different, with diverse needs and tendencies. Therefore, it makes sense to understand and address your personalised profile with customised healthcare.

We know you’re serious about your health, and we are too. So, order your genetic DNA analysis kit online today or contact us or our friendly chatbot with any questions.